【Mac】Video Backgrounds HD:4130円のセールです。
Video Backgrounds HD App
カテゴリ: グラフィック&デザイン
価格: ¥170

Video Backgrounds HDの説明

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Video Backgrounds HD is the collection of 12 high-definition animated backgrounds for your video or multimedia projects. Whether you are a video producer, artist or hobbyist, you will find the right motion background for your project. Video backgrounds can be used for a variety of video or web projects, Keynote or PowerPoint presentations, live performances and more.

All video backgrounds come in full HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. They are available in QuickTime (.mov) format and work with a wide range of video editing software, including Final Cut Pro, Motion, iMovie, Premiere Pro, After Effects and many more. So video backgrounds can be easily edited and incorporated into your projects.

Every motion background is specifically designed to loop beautifully and thus can be repeated continuously. So every video background has an endless playback time and can be used in the project of any duration.

Specifications: Resolution – 1920×1080, Encoding – H.264, Frame Rate – 29.97, Format – QuickTime (.mov)


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